Sunday, May 12, 2013

Santa Clara

Yester, the plan was to drive down to Santa Clara to visit friends and their family.

As I approached my car, I pressed the remote unlock, and nothing happened.  Hmm.  I tried again.  Nothing.  What's wrong with my remote? I wondered.  Then I realized I've never unlocked my car without the remote (I bought it in 2010 and my cars before that hadn't had remotes).  I tried to unlock it, and it wouldn't unlock.  I went to the other doors only to realize...there's only one place for your key to go.  You can't even open the trunk!  How long have cars been like this?  (she said like an elderly person)

I finally managed to get in after trying various techniques.  I don't know why I was so worried about setting off the alarm...I completely forgot you need a battery to make the alarm work.  -_-  I put my key in the ignition, turned it, and nothing.  No lights.  No sound.  Nothing.


I called AAA, and after they bounced my call around (I always end up talking to the Southern California AAA people first), I finally got connected.  I was told someone would be there in 30-40 minutes.  60 minutes later (after I had stood outside for 30 minutes) I got a phone call saying someone would arrive in 20-30 minutes.  BOO!  25 minutes later, I got a phone call saying someone would arrive in 15-20 minutes.

Instead of 30-40 minutes, it ended up being 105 minutes.  My favorite part is, a couple minutes after the AAA guy left, I got a phone call from AAA saying my tow person has just arrived and go out and meet him.  -_-

Oh well.  I should be grateful that there's someone who will come jump my car on a Saturday afternoon.  And if AAA had said, "It'll be almost 2 hours" I would have been happier.

I finally got on the road to Santa Clara, and this mean lady wouldn't let me change lanes to get on the freeway.  My driving anxiety is true anxiety now.  Changing lanes and merging are the two acts of driving that really make me anxious  There are so many inconsiderate and rude drivers out there, and I tend to blow things out of proportion and feel worse about mankind after driving.  "Are there no nice, good people left in the world?!"

My friend Connie was playing host.  Connie, her husband, her 2 1/2 year old toddler, my friend Jenny, her husband, her 3 year old, and her 2 year old.  There were a lot of small children.  There was a lot of jumping, running, crying, and my personal favorite: goldfish crackers.  It was hilarious to watch the kids interact, just because the two sets of parent styles are SO different.  Both of my friends are super awesome parents, but they definitely go about it in their own way.  As a result, their children very much reflect their own philosophies and values, which is only magnified when they are 2 years old :)

Driving back, I was exhausted and fighting my sleepiness.  It's funny to me that when my friends ask, "Are you okay to drive?' it's because I'm sleepy, not intoxicated.

The saddest part was, upon getting off the freeway, I was trying to scale a hill after hitting a patch of flat road.  I THOUGHT I was going to go through the yellow light, but then my car hesitated at the bottom of the hill, and I ended up accelerating through a newly turned red light :(  It was by a second, and had my car maintained speed I would have gone through the yellow with time to spare.  But I'm pretty sure my car got its picture taken, along with me making an angry face shaking my fist in the air as my car suddenly wimped out.


I returned home feeling sorry for myself.

It was such a Naoko thing to happen.  And let me tell ya, those "Naoko" incidents are getting pretty lame.  It's like the time my teacher roller cart slipped and knocked me down the stairs.  I sprained my finger falling down the stairs, and then my cart fell on me.  Or the the time my mashed potatoes fell out of the microwave after being heated, and gave me horrible burns on my arms, neck, and face the day after I had sprained my ankle doing laundry.

I am gifted.

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