Thursday, May 30, 2013

SFMOMA - Again!

Today (through Sunday) is free entrance at the San Francisco MOMA (museum of modern art).  It's a celebratory send off, as it goes into remodel mode for the next 3 years?  I didn't realize this was happening until I got an email from a friend, inviting me to go (yay!).

Being a huge fan of free, of course I went!
Since I was the first one there (I always am) and since everybody else was running late, I stood in line and got myself a free tote bag.  W00t!  I love a tote bag.  I love free things.  Let the happy dance proceed!  ::: insert happy dance here ::::

In other news, I went shopping today in an attempt to find a wedding outfit.  Sigh.  I...don't like shopping.  It's crowded, people move too slow, I'm ALWAYS behind a person who stops right in the aisle when there's no way around them.  I make sure I keep my comments to myself, and encourage myself to be more patient.

I also realized that I'm good at looking appropriate.  While my normal wardrobe of choice usually ends up being jeans, a sweater, hoodie, and sneakers, I also know how to dress appropriately for work and for concerts.  I do not, however, know how to look NICE.  Appropriate, yes.  Nice, no. 

Oh well.  There are worse things in the world.  It reminds me of Princess Diaries, when Mia looks in the mirror and says, "As always, this is as good as it's going to get."  Yeah.  That's basically how I feel when trying to find wedding clothes.

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