Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Terra Cotta Warriors

My parents are visiting San Francisco because they wanted to see the Girl with a Pearl Earring at the DeYoung Museum, and wanted to see the Terra Cotta Warriors at the Asian Art Museum.

While I did visit the DeYoung Museum a few months ago, I didn't see the Rembrandt exhibit because...it costs more.  :)

But the Terra Cotta Warriors were completely new for me.  I knew absolutely nothing about them.  My mom thought they were going to be mini-warriors; 2 feet tall!  I also felt bad because most of my knowledge had come from Lara Croft The Cradle of Life.  -_-  Yes, I realize how lame that is.

Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior and his horse
kneeling warrior
definitely a bell.
a bell?

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