Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Ab Roller Is Back!!

While at Target today, I was perusing the aisles and stumbled upon a new version of the Ab Roller!
This is the new version, which you can turn over and use as a dip station!  While I don't...dip, maybe I would if I had a dip station!  And you can add weights on the sides.  While I don't have weights, I am still excited at the option.

The Ab Roller and I have a history.  My parents bought one for me in high school.  That was their subtle way of telling me to lose weight.  That and they hid food from me in the washing machine.  I did enjoy using it.  I would do a couple hundred a day.  I was still completely out of shape, but I could do a crunch like no other.

Then came the day we had to do fitness tests in high school.  My PE class had mostly very athletic dudes, and then a couple of us nerdy kids  They beat us at everything.  It's a little unreasonable to have a 5'4 Asian girl playing basketball with a 6'5 tall dude.  I was the kid who got an A because I tried really hard.

But when it came to the crunch test, I killed everybody.  I know I did over 60 in 1 minute.  I know I had the highest in the class.  I know my PE teacher thought my partner and I did it wrong and made me do it over again while he watched.  I repeated my results, and my teacher was completely speechless.  I shrugged and said, "We have an Ab Roller at home."

I enjoy surprising people that way.  I'm not offended.  I wouldn't have guessed that I would've been the best cruncher in my class, either.  Everybody was rather dumbfounded.  It was awesomely hilarious.

Anyways, I want one!  Even though it'll be difficult to hide when I have people over.  My only problem's a pretty big box, and I don't really want to get on the bus with the big box that says AB ROLLER across it.  Maybe I can find it cheaper online....

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