Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nothing Else Matters

I'm not sure if it is funny or sad, but I actually knew the Apocalyptica version before I heard the Metallica original.

My friend, Sacho, introduced me to Apocalyptica in high school after he found out I played the cello.  I still remember saying, "I bet if I practiced I could play that."  He looked at me with doubt and said, "I don't think so; they're really good."


To be fair, that was before Sacho had heard me play.

Eventually I heard the original, but I (don't throw things at me!) actually preferred the Apocalyptica version.

When I started teaching, I created a "game" called "CLASSICAL OR NOT" to be used either at the very beginning or very end of school.  Originally it was at the beginning, because I soon learned that none of my new students had any idea what was classical music and what wasn't.  This song was one that I used, and they all assumed since it was cellos playing that it was classical music.  =)

Yes, I exposed hundreds of children to Metallica.

I'm quite the educator.

I did get an opportunity to perform Fade To Black at someone's recital in college, but I was SO sick that I barely remember it.  I just remember being sick and taking too much medicine.

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