Thursday, July 11, 2013

7/11 at 11:07 a.m.

Today is my birthday.  Despite being carded for an R rated movie earlier this week, I am in fact in my 30s =)  I thank my mom and dad for forgiving genetics.  (I was born at 11:07 a.m., prompting my parents to think I'd be really lucky.)

I've never actually been a big birthday person.  When I was little, it was exciting because it was one of two days I got presents.  I had to wait SO long for new Legos.  And I hoarded my $5 birthday money from my aunts and uncles like crazy.  It's how I managed to buy both a Nintendo and a Super Nintendo by myself...though it did take a couple years to save up for.  I didn't like Showbiz pizza.  I didn't like games and the animatronic characters freaked me out.  When moms would insist I go do something, I'd go sit in the ball pit.

Other than that, when I was little, I sometimes had birthday parties.  I remember making t-shirts with puffy paint.  That's...the only party I remember, though.  I was often sick on my birthday, and I also went to around 4 funerals on my birthday.  Oh!  In high school, my super awesome friends threw me a surprise party at my favorite place: Chili's.

Hey.  Don't judge.  I like Chili's.  

But these days, I don't really celebrate my birthday.  Not really.  I bought myself a loaf of bread, a slice of cake, and 3 lottery tickets :)  Yes, that is splurging for me.  Unaccustomed to eating starch, however, I've been super sleepy and lethargic all day, and I'm still full from my first meal of the day.  (I gave up starch makes me sleepy and lethargic.  And I was seriously addicted and would eat only starch and cheese's so delicious.)  

It's nice to get birthday wishes, though.  Always nice to hear from people. 

I plan to devour my cake.  At some point.  Today.

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