Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Dreamed A Dream....

I've discussed Les Miserables before.

However, this particular song has always stuck with me and resonates with me more than when I was 11 when I first saw the musical.  This musical, in general, was the first I really liked.  I saw Cats before this one, and I may or may not have seen Phantom of the Opera.

It must have been the music more than the story line, because I think I basically missed the plot at 11.  The only thing I really understood was there was man who was being chased.  Missed everything else.  But I did ask my parents to buy me the soundtrack afterward, and for my birthday (the 11th) I asked for the soundtrack of the movie version.  While I will not be listening to any of Russel Crowe's songs (sorry, dude) I will be enjoying Anne Hathaway.

Trying to choose between this song and One Day More (another favorite), and beginning to transcribe both, I finally decided on this one.  For me, it carries more meaning and is more substance than it is flash.  In the end, that's more important to me.

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