Friday, August 16, 2013

One Day More

Okay, it's my favorite one of Les Miserables.

Probably because it's an ensemble number where almost everybody gets to sing.  Have I YouTubed various versions?  Why yes I have.  Do I like to lip sync along and pretend I have an amazing voice?  Why yes, yes I do.

There's the 10th anniversary version.  A classic.  There's the 25th anniversary that keeps mysteriously disappearing from youtube.  I like the ending of this one better, but I feel a little sad for Nick Jonas and his little pop singer's voice when everyone else sports powerful voices.  There's the movie version, which confuses me a little bit because everyone is singing in different places.  It makes me wonder how they managed to fit everyone's part together if nobody was actually together for it.  There's the movie's live version from the Oscars.  That one freaks me out.  I was very concerned about them staying together since the orchestra was in a different building.  I was also annoyed that it started with Hugh singing the original song and then suddenly Anne Hathaway was singing when she should've been dead.  Don't get me wrong, I love Anne.  She was my favorite person in the movie.  And I get why she was there.  But still.  You're not part of the song.

Enough of that.

Here is MY version of One Day More.  It's...fine.  =)  The difference between my cover and other covers is that I don't use an orchestra track in the background.  All the tracks are me!  That might not necessarily be a good thing, but it's a different thing.  I had to wuss out and use viola because I couldn't keep smooth slurred sixteenth notes at the beginning on cello.  I added piano because...what the heck, I already threw viola in there.

My computer program really struggled with all the parts, however.  There were a lot of tracks to mix in there.  So it's not the greatest quality, but hey...I do what I can with what I have :D

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