Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1 Year Later...and mini-update

It has been exactly one year since I moved to San Francisco.

Woo hoo!  Happy Anniversary, San Francisco!  We are celebrating with sunshine (it was sunny the day I moved, too!).

This has been, by far, the fastest year of my life.  I think I think that every year, but this year went particularly fast since...I didn't do anything.  I'm glad I took the time to rest and recuperate.  After 30+ years of going full steam with no break, it was pleasantly out of character to exhale.  I've been breathless my whole life!  =)

I am job searching.  It's so different than anything I've done before.  As a musician, people just called me for gigs.  As an educator, everything went through one website where jobs were posted.  I submitted 3 resumes and got 3 interviews.  Of course, my last job (of 8 years) started with a phone call that woke me up in the morning, asking me to come interview that day, and an hour after my interview I was offered the job.

In the meantime...
- I have been enjoying Arsenio, kind of.  He's very 90s, and I'm not quite sure if I enjoy it, yet.
- I discovered the AMAZINGNESS of vanilla Greek yogurt.  Every day I have that + peanut butter + honey + cut up apples and that = cheesecake tasting deliciousness.  So good.  SO GOOD.
- I submitted a cello thing to Joseph Gordon Levitt's Hit Record project.  Woo!
- I finished reading THE FIVE PEOPLE WE MEET IN HEAVEN.  It's a quick and easy read.  I recommend it if you want to feel peaceful and happy with little effort.
- I have gone into "poverty mode".  This is the 2nd or 3rd time I've gone into this mode in my life, and fortunately I don't want for much.  I am no longer buying the good parmesan cheese, however.
- I ran out of contacts.  And my last exam was over a year ago.  So now I have to wear glasses until I get a job.  Boo.  They keep sliding down my face.
- I learned that you're supposed to clean your glasses with dish soap and warm water!  It really works!
- I made a Prezi that I'm fairly proud of!  I wish gold stars existed in adult life.  I'd buy my own gold stars and stick them to me if I weren't in poverty mode.  (I used to stick happy faces on my buttons when I was a teacher)
\- A student once told me I reminded her of Abby from NCIS.  I FINALLY watched the show and some late night interviews of Pauley Perrette and...she's right!  I am a strange mixture of Abby and Jess (from New Girl).  Figure that one out.

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