Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Little Help From My Friend(s)

A friend from Orange County came to visit me this past week!  Hooray!  I haven't seen H~ in almost a year, so I was excited to spend some time with him.

I discovered CHEESECAKE POCKY!  Very very exciting.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as amazingly delicious as I had hoped, but anything cheesecake flavored is at the very least yummy.  

I also took my 2nd visit to the California Academy of Sciences Museum.  I could spend hours in front of the fish tank.  I've decided that when I win the lottery and become excessively rich, I would like an aquarium in my bedroom.  Seems like it would be relaxing.  I also would not have to compete with small loud children to watch the fish swim :)

The planetarium left me woozy and nauseated, again.  It's SO cool!...but...I don't want to eat for the rest of the day.  
We did some walking around Golden Gate Park.  I have yet to see the Japanese Tea Garden (shame on me!) but at least this time I walked past.We also saw Beethoven!  How did I miss him before?  I took a picture of him looking down at me.

Another first was a ferry ride!  I LOVE boats.  Being one who falls asleep on literally every boat I am on, I am attracted to the soothing nature.  I also love wind and breezes.  Leaving SF to Tiburon, I watched my city thinking wow, my city is so beautiful! 

Tiburon is a city my family and I used to visit when I was little.  We would lunch at Sam's Cafe, go look at the princess cake next door, and walk around the little town.  My dad and I would get tired and go sit on the benches while my mom and sister shopped.  Being that it had been a while since I've visited, I took H~ to Sam's but was sad to see that the princess cake shop was gone!  :(  Sadness.  We had some ice cream and strolled around.

On our way back to SF, we saw the sea lions!  We weren't the only ones watching...

All in all, it was great week!  The only downside is...I got sunburned!  Twice.  Stupid back of the neck got me again!  I miss the days when I used to tan instead of burn....

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