Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Update

I've noticed that a lot of activities I enjoy seem to be activies old people like to do.  I'm going to be quite the bustling 70 year old, when that time comes.

In the meantime, I thought I'd go see a free concert on Friday.  I didn't realize it was at a senior's center, and that (once again) I'd be the youngest person there.  That's okay, though.  The music was pleasant and I explored Aquatic Park afterward. 

Being across the street from Ghiradelli Square, and not having yet visited, I decided exploring was in order.  I'm not sure what I was expecting.  Fountains of chocolate?  A chocolate version of Main Street from Disneyland?  There were little shops that were very adorable, and restaurants too, but nothing super awesome.  I'm glad I waited until I happened to be in the area instead of taking a separate trip.

I associate the Ghiradelli sign with Dharma and Greg, by the way.  Just thought you should know.

I foolishly thought the walk from Ghiradelli Square to my apartment sounded doable.  The first mile was entirely uphill, at which point I had to stop and sit on the side of the road to catch my breath.  My heart was beating a little too fast and my nauseated state convinced me that not only am I not in adequate shape, but I'm pretty shapeless in general.  A blob.  A blob of Naoko.

It took about 2 miles to get home.  I spotted a lady on my way who I thought was my mom.  It was not.  I was too exhausted, however, to try to snap a picture.  At that point, my brain was just thinking, "Must.  Sit.  Down.  Water.  Tired."

On Saturday, I went to check out America's Cup!  No, it's not soccer.  No, I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it.  No, the race didn't actually happen.  It ended up being cancelled, but I did get to traverse the area.  

I ended up walking another mile and a half or so that day.  I was trying to avoid the bus that always looks a little too crowded for comfort to me.  While I don't necessarily mind a crowded bus, somehow I always end up being that person who has to ride the bus on the stairwell and has to suck in so the doors can close.

Today, I figured I'd be lazy and sit around and do nothing.  I was still tired from the 3 1/2 miles from the day before because I'm so out of shape. 

My friend S~ randomly stopped by (particularly surprising since he doesn't live in SF) with his friend; a friend I haven't seen since I was in high school.  I'm always curious what people think when seeing me again after such a long time.  Do they even remember who I am?  (Confession: I almost never remember anybody from high school.  I guess since I've had to meet thousands of people between then and now, if I haven't interacted with you in over 10 years I probably don't remember you exist.)

On my way to Safeway (I had to get more Vanilla Greek Yogurt, after all) I walked passed a Sumo Expo!  I hung around for an hour as they explained how to wrestle and the rules involved.  It makes so much more sense now.  When I was a little kid, I saw sumo wrestling on tv in Japan, and I thought the wrestlers were trying to pull the...diaper things off of their opponent.  Needless to say, I was horrified.  
My favorite part was the crowd questions.  The kids asked redundant questions and pulled the old, "I forgot," when called upon.  But my favorite was a kid who asked, "Why are they so fat?"  The crowd laughed, and the MC said, "Wow, someone needs to learn how to be polite."  He then explained that one of the sumo wrestlers actually had 11% body fat (at 370 pounds!).  Impressive.

I couldn't get a great picture of the sumo wrestlers (there were 4 of them) since I was pretty far back and there was a giant light pole in front of me.  Definitely entertaining, however, and educational!

I did eventually make it to Safeway and back, adding another mile and a half to my total.  An eclectic weekend, that's for sure!

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