Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dear USPS, you stink!

Yes Post Office, I know I wasn't here for my package last Thursday.  You didn't feel like leaving it in my mailbox?  That's cool.

I submitted my request for redelivery later that day for Saturday.

Did I stay home all day on Saturday so I would be available for my package delivery?  Why yes, I did.

Why didn't you come?

When I tried to check your status, why did you just tell me to create a new one?

Why, post man who I ran into downstairs today, did you tell me to call the post office when the post office had no phone number on their website?  Why did you refuse to take my pink slip so you could then redeliver my package?  Why, post office, when I looked up your phone number on yelp, did you not pick up when I called?

Was I obnoxious?  Yes.  Did I let the phone ring for over 3 minutes?  Yes.  Did I then automatically get hung up on?  Why yes, yes I did.  Did I call back and do the same thing?  Perhaps.

Tomorrow, I will drop by after my doctor's appointment.  I really hope you haven't sent my package back.

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