Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 1...and 2 days

I've worked for L-Job for a little over a week now.

While the job itself isn't exactly....stimulating, it's a nice break from my previous line of work.  My...supervisor (?) addressed mean emails that we sometimes receive in response, and when he said, "No, you don't have to put up with that.  That's not okay," I may have pathetically sighed, "That's so nice to hear!"

It's nice not to have to put up with people being verbally abusive.

So far, everyone I have met has been nice, friendly, and enthusiastic.  It's....so nice.  Yes, I realize I keep saying "nice" but it sums it up so nicely!

Since I'm in a new work environment and have a new work email that's just for my work colleagues, I changed my email signature to include the pronunciation of my name.  As a result, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I have interacted with at work has SAID MY NAME RIGHT.

I don't think you understand the significance.

Through my senior year of high school, people said my name wrong because I didn't correct them.  Through the end of college, people said my name wrong because I didn't know how to explain my name properly, they'd forget, and then just make up their own way of saying it.  8 years as a teacher, most of the teachers would forget my last name wasn't my first name, and would call me by my last name.  They insisted they sounded the same (I guess that's true if you're not used to Asian names...I mean they both end with "ko"...).  There were also teachers who said my first name wrong because they also just decided my name would be pronounced however they wanted.  And there were 3 teachers who said my name wrong unless I did something particularly advantageous to them, at which point they would say my name correctly.


It's a sensitive subject.

The fact that I've been working for a little over a week and not one person is saying my name wrong...is....like a miracle to me.

I like them.

I look forward to going to "the office".  (I work from home most days)

I like that I get on a bus and walk 1 block to where I work.  I like that I can walk home if I want (though I never do want to).

We'll see how it goes.  I am enjoying myself, however.  It's a refreshing change of pace.

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