Thursday, November 7, 2013

Luminously 4 Weeks

I'm finishing my 4th week with L-Job!

I'm excited; we have gotten more access and can now do more types of transactions!  Of course, with more power comes more responsibility :)  Today was the first full day of my new access, and I stupidly decided to stay home to work instead of going into the office.  As a result, I sent multiple people multiple questions via Google Chat.

I also announced that I have given myself a nickname: The Shameless Questioner.

I've never been shy about asking questions.  I like clarifying.  I like knowing exactly what to do.  I like doing the right thing.  I don't care at all if someone things I'm stupid for asking questions because I know my questions aren't stupid (for the most part).

My previous work environment was interesting in that some people were very supportive about people asking questions (I also don't care; ask away!) and some people were really rude about questions and tried to belittle those who asked.  As a person, much less a teacher, I don't understand that.  It was always related back to ego and insecurity, in the end.  Those who were not secure with themselves enjoyed trying to make other people feel bad about asking questions.

Don't work with me!  You're not gonna stop MY questions!

Well, that's not true.  If I'm asking YOU a question and you don't want to deal with me, then I'll respect that and find someone else who will help me.

Today, I needed some serious help with something that did not go right, and someone I've known for less than 4 weeks came to my help without batting an eye.  And he actually helped me!  For me, this is pretty monumental and I do not take this lightly.  (I may have been a little too over enthusiastic with my appreciation, however...)

Everyone I have met at L-Job has been about collaboration and helping.  Nobody has been remotely judgmental and nobody has at least acted put out by my questions.  It makes me want to make Valentine hearts for everybody with "THANK YOU!" written in them.  But.  That might be weird.  :)

So instead, I incessantly thank them and try to express my gratitude.

I'm suppressing the urge to get weird about it.  I don't think I'm doing a great job at it, though...

In other news, I cut my hair 30 minutes ago.  By myself.  In my kitchen.  4-6 inches...I'm not quite sure.  It doesn't look terrible, so I'm pretty satisfied with myself.

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