Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving and Michael Buble

So in 48 hours, I ended up gaining 6 pounds during the Thanksgiving time.  Of course, since a week ago I've lost 6.4 pounds so...yeah.  I still consider Thanksgiving a total win; and I ate a bunch last Thursday, too.  We had amazingly delicious free food at work.  I may have eaten a giant plate of food.  And a cookie.  And a brownie.  And another cookie.

I didn't linger long after Thanksgiving, though.  While normally I'd stay until at least Sunday (had I done so, I'm sure I would've gotten to a good 10+ pounds of Thanksgiving weight), I had a gig on Saturday back in the Bay Area.

I was playing for Michael Buble.

Now, before all of you 45 year old ladies get too excited about, go ahead and get excited.  I got there stupid early because I drove directly back from Fresno.  Fearing apocalyptic traffic, I gave myself 4 hours when really I didn't even need 3.  I parked.  I got my stuff out.  I got stopped by the security guard and was forced to weight by the tunnel entrance until my entire group had gotten there.  Considering there were 8 people and I was an hour early, needless to say I sat around for a while.

The roadies looked at me funny.  A lot.

I met the 6 other violinists and greeted the cellist I knew.  Oh, and I greeted my friend who had hired us all.  It still amuses me that we all had to be female and under 35.  It ended up being a juxtaposition because everyone in his travelling band is male.  I wonder why that is?

We rehearsed.  We went on stage and rehearsed.  I had the new experience of having a microphone and headphones plugged into me.  I carried two giant packs on my pants.  The two most awkward moments of the evening was to have two separate people trying to clip things onto my pants without being inappropriate.  I also regretted that my pants were actually a little big (even with the Thanksgiving feast) and so the extra weight of the battery packs meant I was pulling up my pants the entire time.  Yeah.  I'm graceful and elegant like that.

So when Michael Buble came out, someone whispered in our ears, "Ladies and gentlemen, Josh Groban!"  For a moment, did my heart skip a beat and did I try to surreptitiously look around to see if Josh Groban was around?  Maybe.  Michael came out, chatted to us a bit even though I don't think any of us could hear him too well considering we had giant ear buds jammed into our ears.

Afterwards, we waited.  We got free food, which was HILARIOUS.  It was a room full of men, and the 8 females came in and just...ATE.  We all got up 2-4 times for 2nds, 3rds, and...4ths?  The performance itself was fun.  As we started to play, the platform we were on started to move forward.  Even though we had been warned, it was still a little jarring considering we didn't practice. 

Man did the middle age ladies lose it for Michael Buble :)

Here is my sticker...that I had to stick on my pants afterward for fear of being yelled at by an angry woman.

It was fun to meet new people.  It's funny, because some of them were SUPER star struck.  One girl had never heard of him.  Unless it's Yo-Yo Ma (at which point I WILL be a crazy fan girl) I'm more likely to go, "Oh, that's nice," and smile pleasantly.

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