Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy New Years...a little late

In our household, we have a tradition of New Years (day).

It started, as far as I know, at my Grandma's house when she would have all the relatives over for a giant New Years Day lunch/dinner.  All the women would be in the kitchen and all the men would be in the living room watching tv.  Being the feminist I was (even at the age of 4), I always refused to go and help in the kitchen and would stay with the men to watch football.  

This happened through my teenage years, until my Grandma died and then my aunt and uncle died and then my other aunt died.  New Years was then moved to our house.  

I still tried to avoid being in the kitchen, but it's a lot harder when your mom is the one doing all of the preparations.  Instead of everyone pitching in, somehow, over the years, it became solely my mom's responsibility.  

The last 5 years or so have broken with tradition.  My mom got ill.  Then my dad got ill.  And then my mom went on strike because my sister didn't come back to celebrate.

This year, my sister and her husband came, but came a bit late.  So we had late New Years.

Personally, being the lousy Asian I am, I'd prefer hamburgers or pizza or lasagna.  But here are some pictures:

Making a roll of some kind...
Inari sushi, kappa maki, some other maki, California Roll...
Random Japanese vegetables, teriyaki chicken (that one is for me), cha shu, sweetend tofu, dried mini-fish, kanten (is that how you spell it?  It's like minty jello but not).  Fish cakes.  I ate all the meat.  And tofu.
Crab!  My cousin brought 2 fresh and slightly alive crabs.
Alive crabs!...and then we killed them.  Thanks, Google.  And thanks, my sister, who can kill animals with no remorse.
Mmmm, tuna sashimi...
Still appetizing


  1. Hey “lousy Asian”, this food looks authentic Japanese for me :)
    Soon there will be a documentary called “Naoko Dreams of Sushi”

    Today I ate tuna temaki, but the tuna didn't look so good (and it didn't taste good)

  2. Oh, my MOM made the food (who is an OG Asian!).

    My contribution is usually cutting up boiled eggs (if we have them) and setting the table. I did neither this year. :)