Saturday, January 4, 2014

What's Happening?!!! goodness.

What is happening?!

It started with my dad sending my cousin Roberta a link to my youtube videos (since my dad now knows that everybody has youtube and you don't have to download it).  She sent it to her kids (I assume).  And one of HER kids posted it on reddit.

I woke up on the 2nd of January to an inbox full of subscription notices.  My Muse video jumped from a few hundred to over 24,000 (as of now).

Then I found this.  I'm in the Huffington Post.  WHAT?!

I repeat.  What's happening?!

While before, it was mostly my own former students who watched my videos (if that), it seems I have opened myself up to a new audience.

Sharing the cello love, people.  That's always a good thing, right?


I'm kind of in shock....

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