Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day - Again?

If you've known me a while, you know that I'm not really into Valentine's Day.

While lavish displays of consumption still evokes a hipster sense of cynicism in me, I believe I may have had a slightly Grinch-like change of heart.

Not a heart that's filled with chocolate, however.

I arrived at work today, and K~ had made everybody rice krispie treats.  Having never consumed a rice krispie treat with animal crackers in it (delicious, by the way) or a red heart on top, and being one who gets excited about all treats, I wolfed it down with glee.  Here's a picture, so you may be appropriately jealous:

Then came the email that another person at work had brought donuts!  Heck yeah!  Did I run over to her desk to make sure I got dibs on a good donuts?  Perhaps.  Did another person pass out those DELICIOUS heart shape lollipops (why are they so good?!)?  Why yes, yes they did.  Then came the adorable Valentine's cards; the kind you got and passed out when you were in elementary school?  While I've had kids pass those out to me when I was a teacher, I've never had anybody whose age was 2 digits give me one.

It reminded me of when I made my own Valentines.  I cut out a red heart out of construction paper and glued it to a doily, and wrote "Happy Valentine's Day".  I made enough for my class.

Back then, Valentine's Day wasn't about a significant other and having to display your love through lavish means.  It was about an act of love toward the significant people in your life (and sometimes not-so-significant).  Before guys were socially pressured to buy...whatever (I totally forgot that most women want chocolate/flowers/jewelry)...on this day, we all made little crafts for each other!

It's nice, for lack of a better word, to participate in that.

It's a less corrupted form of expressed affection, I think.

To be fair, I'm also celebrating by buying myself a pizza with extra cheese and two types of pepperoni.  It's because I'm worth it.  Attempting to give myself a heart attack is the way I'm expressing my love toward myself.

Once my pizza comes, I'll take a picture and update this blog entry.  Unless I eat the entire pizza before I'm able to take a picture.'s my kind of cheesy love....

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