Friday, March 21, 2014

Christopher Meloni - Cinequest

I'm inclined to say that I'm not a fan of surprises, but I've come to reevaluate that statement.

I'm not a fan of bad surprises.

GOOD surprises, however, bring it on!

I was pleasantly surprised on Sunday with an excursion to Cinequest, and a screening of Christopher Meloni's movie Small Time.  

I really enjoy Christopher Meloni.  Being an OZ fan, a Law and Order SVU fan, a Wet Hot American Summer Fan, etc. etc., the opportunity to be right next to him was fairly exciting.  I'm also, to be fair, not a very excitable person when it comes to celebrities.  Have I said, "Hey look, it's Reese Witherspoon," casually at Ralphs?  Perhaps.  I think the only celebrity I'd dork out hardcore over would be Yo-Yo Ma.  I'm knocking children down to go say hi to HIM.

ANYWAYS, when we got into the theater and sat down, there was an organist playing!  I've decide that I must, at some point in my life, find an organ to play.

Here are some pictures of Christopher Meloni...and also the backs of peoples' heads.

And a close up of 3 lovely lads...


  1. OH hello !!! I was looking for cello quartet (Air on G string) and found your amazing video. In fact i had done that on Canon in D before, and now wanna do the same for Air on G string (for my girlfriend's bday). Juz wanna check if u mind sharing the score with me >.< Thx ><

    1. Hi Alex!

      That's one of the few that I didn't transcribe, I just worked off the original score. I think I went through :) But you need to be able to read alto and treble clef...

  2. oh sure, i can read alto and treble clef. so i can juz try the original quartet version rite?
    wt kind of software do u use?

    1. Yup, the original!

      I use Audacity (now) for the audio, Trakaxpc to put everything together, my iPhone for the video (Air was done completely on my phone though), and Finale to transcribe.

  3. oh right, shall i use a professional microphone or a general one will do ? And which part u record first? and do u listen to the recorded part(s) when u start a new part? LOL sorry for too many questions ! haha !

    1. It's up to you, really.

      I don't have a serious professional microphone now, even though I have upgraded from my iPhone's internal mic.

      USUALLY I record a click track first (just my metronome, really) or, in case of more lyrical pieces I'll count out loud. There are a few videos where I haven't done this, however.

      Personally, I like to start with whatever part has the "metronome" part. Or the bass line, since you should tune to the bass line. The melody is almost always last for me, unless I have a harmony that needs to match up with it (in which case the harmony is often last). Also, this way, you don't get distracted by the melody when trying to sync up the moving lines.

      Hope this helps! :)