Monday, April 21, 2014

Boardwalk Food Empire

This weekend, instead of partaking of my normal exciting weekend plans of grocery shopping (okay, confession, I did that, too) I headed to Santa Cruz for the...second time in my life?

The day started with a trip to the Mystery Spot.  I had been there once before and I must seemed a lot more mysterious when I was 7.  Somehow, I managed to miss the notable fact that the Mysterious Cabin is slanted and on a hillside.  It was still pretty entertaining and I got a pretty sweet sticker out of it.  It's going on my cello case.
So mysterious

After all that mystery, I was pretty hungry, so it was off to the boardwalk!  I had never been!  The closest thing I had growing up was the Great Fresno Fair.  Not so great.  I wasn't allowed to go on any rides as a child.  As a kid, my brain screamed no fair!  I want to go on the fun rides!  I don't want to buy encyclopedias!  Yes, that's right.  My parents bought a sweet set of 1989 Encyclopedia Britannicas from the Fresno Fair.  Remember when we had to look stuff up in books?  What do you mean, no?

So yes, I was pretty excited to go on a ride.  I went on exactly one.  The Giant Dipper.  I excitedly threw my arms in the air until the first drop, at which point my shins smacked into the front.  When I bent over and said, "Ow!" I was punished by having my head whipped back and smacking the back of my head against the car.

Clearly, I didn't understand the etiquette.

Regardless, it was fun (despite the 5 bruises I ended up with).  Next time, I'll be more strategic about my leg placement and cling on to the safety harness for leverage.  Live and learn.

But the food.  OH, the food.

There are two types of people who know me: people who think I almost never eat and when I do eat ridiculously small amounts...and people who think I eat crazy large amounts of unhealthy food.  The truth is I am both.

Here is a picture of a fried potato on a stick with various toppings sprinkled atop as well as a chocolate stuffed churro.  Oh yeah, you read that right.

What is NOT pictured is the fried clams and fried calamari I had before this (and a margarita), the chocolate dipped ice cream cone I had between these treats, and the bacon and truffle oil mac and cheese I had for dinner.

Yes, you should be intimidated.

It's been a stressful few weeks for me (more on that to come, but it's a good kind of stress...I hope), so like any healthy American, I used food as a way to diffuse/reward the whole event.  Honestly, I was and am awaiting some news, and a crazy food binder was supposed to be either consolation or celebration...but I have been waiting for so long and have been fantasizing about food for so many weeks now that I couldn't wait.

It may happen again in a week.

You have to die of something, right?  Might as well be a stomach full of delicious food...

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