Thursday, May 8, 2014

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

I'm secure enough to admit how lame I am - that I was exposed through Arcade Fire because of the trailer to Where the Wild Things Are.  Strangely, the song isn't actually in the movie at any point.

I then made the beginning of Wake Up into my iPhone ringtone.  Did the principal of one of my schools make fun of me for my "weird chanting music"?  Perhaps.  Was I annoyed that she'd put down my music?  Perhaps.

The complicated textures of a song that carries a simple melodic line appeals to me.  The chorus doesn't actually have any lyrics; very convenient for a person like me who can't remember the lyrics to ANYTHING.  The simplicity of both the "lyrics" and the line floats above a percussive line, guitar chords, and strings - all of whom have their own part.  It's not just doubling; it's not just a harmony.

Added to that, a little before the 4 minute mark, the song changes tone all together and the drum beat kicks us into a more upbeat and lively feel.

Arcade Fire is quite the interesting group, if you investigate their music further.  While Wake Up is arguably their most mainstream hit, Arcade Fire is a music group intent on their own explorations.  

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