Monday, June 30, 2014

New Job!

My new job begins tomorrow!

I'm excited.

Like...the day before school excited.  But not the day-before-school-as-a-teacher excited, but day-before-school-as-a-student excited.

I resisted the urge to buy myself new school supplies.


ONE notebook.  But I bought it at Daiso so it was only $1.50.  Really, you can never have too many notebooks.

I know, generally speaking, what's going to happen but have no idea about any of the specifics.  It reminds me of 8th grade: what will my schedule be like?  Will I have classes with any of my friends?  What will I have for lunch?

The 13 year old in me wants to pick out my outfit and hang it up so it's ready to go.  The adult in me is too lazy for that, though I DID do laundry today so I'd have the option of clean socks.

It's a mini-adventure!

Into the unknown!

I actually made my breakfast and got my coffee ready.  I haven't done this in...a really long time.  I haven't started something new in a while.

I hope I'll be able to sleep at night.  That little kid part - that can't sleep on Christmas Eve?  Yeah.  That part of me is totally still alive.

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