Saturday, June 7, 2014

Walked into a wall. No. Really.

It's the second time I've done it now.

Walking up the staircase, walking through the door, I was distracted by two flyers on the door.  I turned back around to read what they said.  Unfortunately for me, there's a tiny 6-8 inch wall by the door that's easy to not notice under normal circumstances.

When I was done reading, I turned around to go along on my merry way, not even thinking twice, but apparently I hadn't cleared the 6 inches of wall.  I was also, unfortunately, very very close to the corner of the wall and immediately smacked my face against it.

I get hurt quite a bit and quite often.

But this one actually did hurt.  I could feel everything reverberating in my head.  "Aw man," I thought, "I'm going to get a bruise."  

I got to my apartment and immediately ice packed it.

The funny thing?  If you look at the picture, you can see where I hit my brow bone by the little red dot beneath my eyebrow.  That's the part I iced since it was sticking out like a giant chick pea.  The top picture was at the end of yesterday.  

While I had makeup on, I couldn't tell if I was bruising or if I had finally mastered the whole "outer v" eye shadow technique.  Alas, I have not.  It was the bruise.  I bet if i just put purple eye shadow on the other side, nobody will be able to tell, I thought.  It was pretty impressive.  It made me look like I had a crease and like I knew how to put makeup in it.

However, upon waking up this morning, my bruise had changed.

I now look like I got a little too carried away with reddish-purple eyeliner. 

My eye is also swollen and I can kind of see my own eyelid.  

No bueno.

At least I was wearing my contacts when I crashed into the wall.  I feel like, had I been wearing glasses, I would've broken my very expensive glasses.  (Being blind isn't cheap!)  


I wish I got hurt in more interesting ways. 

This is like the time I broke my arm just falling over while walking.  Or when I sprained my ankle doing laundry.  

Next time, I'm just going to lie.  "Attacked by a tiger!"

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