Friday, August 15, 2014

Cello Love - ZZ Ward's Last Love Song

Because I liked this song so much and it got stuck in my head for so long, I thought I'd do a cello arrangement.

However, there were some problems due to the fact that my PC laptop isn't exactly a laptop anymore.  Since the top isn't completely attached to the lap part anymore, I had to plug the display into my tv in order to edit.  Any little jiggle meant the picture would cut out.

Because of this, I thought I'd use my Mac to do the sound editing part.  The only "problem" is that it sounds a lot different on my Mac than my PC, so when I exported the sound file and sent it to my PC, it was very very different.



Because of this, I had to play with my sound a few times and export it a few times.  Eventually I just gave up, though.



Also, editing the video on my tv was surprisingly difficult!

It's time for a new PC laptop, really.  I will buy one in the next few weeks, I suspect.

My Mac is my laptop for work, and I'd like to keep them separated.  Also, after two months of working on a Mac I have to tell ya....I don't get the hype.  I mean, it's better at some things than my PC, but not enough to justify the price difference between the two (even though I didn't actually pay for the Mac).  Even if they were the same price, however, I'd choose a PC for non-work related things.


Off topic.

Here's the vid:


You guys....ZZ Ward favorited my tweet and responded to it :)


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