Thursday, August 7, 2014

Workaholic = Boring Naoko

I have old lady tendencies to begin with, but constantly working has made me even more boring than normal.



Today I got proposed to.

By a stranger.

While walking to Safeway.

I was walking and a man in a suit, walking with some other men in suits, stopped in front of me, got down on one knee, produced a bouquet of flowers, and proposed to me.  He said it was a good day to get married.

I politely declined.

And then, while outside of Safeway, a random person said, "Hey, babe," to me.  While this doesn't happen very often, whenever it does I never realize the person is talking to me!  I always either assume it's someone else and ignore it, or look behind me.  That probably says something sad about me...but really, I mean, come on!

When I entered Safeway, there was a group of 20 or so angry people.  It was a straight up mob yelling about...I think fried chicken?  They were angry!  I quickly made my way away and heard security being called over the loud speaker.  Upon leaving Safeway, there were two police cars and an ambulance outside.

Did someone get attacked over fried chicken??

Actually, I take back my incredulity.  I'd hurt someone over certain food.  Just sayin'...don't take the last piece of cheesecake from me.

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