Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hardly Strictly!

This year, I went to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Music Festival!

It's a free music festival held in Golden Gate Park in SF.  My first year in SF, I didn't realize it was happening.  My second year in SF, I think my aversion to crowds kept me away.  

This is, however, the year of The Naoko.  I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a lot of new things.  Besides, it's not really that I avoid things because of being's usually a combination of laziness and poverty.  

Since Hardly Strictly is free (yay!), I figured...why not?!

My only complaint is that Lyft totally tricked me and I ended up being charged $40 for a Lyft ride.  I'm glad I had a coupon.

Here's the festival picture!

Thank goodness for my ability to "hold it", as the rows of portable bathrooms were intimidating.  No.  I do NOT have to go to the bathroom.  For hours.  I'm fine.

My friend L~ and I managed to make our way through the crowds and secure a spot.  Her friends joined us shortly thereafter.  We enjoyed snacks and music in the sunshine, which is, let's be honest, the best way to spend a Saturday.

Here is a picture of her friends.  It was....impressive.

And this was an awesome group.  I wish I knew who they were!  

At one point, one of her friends asked me, "Are you on acid?  Or are you just really really high?"


Neither.  :)

I've been mistaken for being drunk/high when completely sober quite a few times now, actually.  This is the first time anybody has thought I was on acid, though.  I blame the fact that I am easily amused and laugh a lot.  "It's cool!" he said.  "Everyone else's 'on something' is your normal life!"  

....not really.

I assume.

I'm just a cheerful person!

It's especially amusing that that comment came from a music teacher.


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