Thursday, October 16, 2014


DAY 1:

- Actually, I discovered that, after working at a startup of some kind for a year and spending 8+ hours a day sitting and working on a computer, I can now sit on an airplane and work on a computer and be completely distracted by the length of the fight.
- On both flights, the person next to me asked if I was a DJ.  I guess that's what happens when you spend the whole flight using Logic to make midi files.  #musicnerd
- I made an airplane buddy.
- Two people told me I was awesome within an hour of landing.
- Three people asked me for directions on my way to Brooklyn.  I told them I was the wrong person to ask.

DAY 2:
Prospect Park

- This was actually my friend C~'s idea, because she wanted to see the Botanic Garden.  I am not really into plants or flowers, but am open to exploring, so we hopped on two trains and got there in one piece.  It was...nice, I guess?  The Japanese area was cool.
- We ate at Tom's.  It was good, but not as exciting as I was expecting.
- We made an attempt to go to the museum there, but failed because my friend lost her receipt.  So we walked around the park, and I THOUGHT going down Flatbush would be super awesome but instead it was lame.  Fail.  More planning next time, I think.

DAY 3:
NY Phil, Apple Picking, Momfuku

- NY PHIL - my first time seeing/hearing them live.  We went to an open rehearsal, which I highly recommend for those trying to save money.  And it was...amazing.  Seriously amazing.  My soul felt so nourished and complete afterward.  The Firebird really is what did it.  The strings have such finesse.  They had such a sensitivity to their playing.  Their sound is really centered, and they can play with delicacy.  Most people can play loud and powerful stuff.  But playing the quiet delicate parts really differentiates artists.  I left on a music high.  Life is completely
- Apple Picking - we picked up another friend and her son, and we headed to Fishkill Farms to pick apples.  Yeah.  That's the name.  Fishkill.  No, I don't know why it's called that.  My friends were more excited about it than I was, as I am not very...I'm not an apple picker.  I think you can tell this from our picture:

I understanding if you don't look at me and think, "apple picker".

While I enjoyed myself, the best part was definitely the 3 apple cider donuts I inhaled.  I probably got the first two down in under a minute.  Worth it.  I also bought a bag of cheddar onion potato chips.  

- FOOD: went to Vanessa's for dinner and had a chicken pancake sandwich and hot lemon and honey because my throat hurts.  My friend M~ got in an argument with the manager about tofu sandwiches.  We then went to momofuku where I got a slice of crack pie and a compost cookie.

I now definitely feel obese.  Not just fat...but obese.  My stomach is distended and my pants all feel too tight.  


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