Friday, November 14, 2014

Updating is Hard...

...when you're boring?

1.) I got an iPhone 6 Plus!!
- No, it's not too big.
- Yes, I love it.

I don't care that people make fun of me; I think it's great!  I can text without hitting the wrong keys now!  My farm looks amazing.  The camera looks way better than real life - seriously, guys, I think I'm going to start viewing everything through just my camera.

2.) I went to a friend's wedding!  She had donuts as wedding favors.  Needless to say, I went home with half a dozen donuts.  I gained 8 pounds in 3 days....after gaining 10 pounds in New York.

3.) I've had to buy some new pants.  For...some mysterious reason, my old ones hurt.

4.) I cut 6-8 inches of hair to donate.  But I haven't done it yet, so it's sitting in a plastic bag, all creepily like.

5.) I really started to like OK GO's I Won't Let You Down and Sam Smith's Not The Only One.

6.) I bought fancy pants headphones!  Okay, this is actually a big deal, as I've always been on the, "If you pay more than $30 for headphones you're a sucker!"  Well, that might be a hyperbolic summation.  More like, "My $20 headphones are fine!"

Which they were.

Until...I became an official member of the music industry.  Since I now spend 8 hours with headphones on, I rationalized spending $179 by telling myself it was an investment in my ear health.  They also are over-the-ear headphones and not on the ear headphones, so they don't make my head hurt.  Nor do my ears sweat, much to my surprise!  In case you're wondering, I bought Bose's SoundTrue headphones.  I tried a bunch, including up to $500 ones, but in the end....I liked the realness of the SoundTrues.

Side note: Beats are overrated.  Just buy them if your desire is to look cool.  And really, if you are spending $300 to look cool...maybe you need to spend some time getting comfortable with who you are as a person.  Just saying.

7.) I bought a mustache flask.  It is awesome.

8.) I discovered that coffee + junior mints = amazing

9.) My parents sent me a Halloween card for the first time...ever.  I found it amusing/strange that they would start now.  It seems a bit late.

There.  Now you are caught up on my life.

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