Thursday, December 18, 2014

OC - Day 2

I'd like to start by saying, Enterprise lies and doesn't tell you that they will only pick you up within 2 miles, and it may take hours and hours for them to come pick you up.


VV was my afternoon school.  My entire reason for keeping my visit a secret was so I could surprise my band partner, M~.  We spent every day together for 8 years.  Everyone called me his work wife, including his wife.

I popped into the orchestra class first (I had asked the current teacher if that was okay, so as not to be a jerk), and it was pretty amusing.  Kids looked at me and clearly initially had a reaction of, "There's a lady here," followed immediately by, "Wait! that?  OH MY GOSH!"

"Has M~ seen you, yet?" asked the orchestra teacher.

"No, not yet!"

"I have to see this."
"So do I," said another former coworker who had let me into the orchestra room.

All 3 of us walked out the room, and I walked up the staircase and leaned against the banister behind him.  Kids saw me first, and it was HILARIOUS.  Instruments literally fell out of their mouths, and then you heard gasping.  M~ turned around, and I asked, "So how much did you miss me?"

Kids were kind of adorable.

When I announced to my 5th grade that I was leaving, literally every single kid in that class cried.  Upon my return, now 8th graders....they cried again.  It was super sweet and adorable.  They still had their 5th grade music binders because I had signed them.  They had kept their 5th grade music.  It was enormously sweet.

I'm glad I went.

It was nice to be able to go back as a visitor.  It's like being a grandparent - all the fun and none of the responsibility.

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