Monday, December 22, 2014

OC - Day 3 (no 4)

I went to my morning school.

To wake up at 7:30 was painful - how did I wake up at 5:30 every day for 9 years?!  Of course, to be fair, I was asking myself this question as I was doing it for 9 years.  "It burns!"

PV - morning school

This school was always a little different than my afternoon school.  It was a more serious crowd of kids, and more stoic, generally speaking.  If my schools were siblings, PV would definitely be the older sibling and VV would be the younger one.

After parking my car, I immediately ran into a co-worker with whom I was also friends.  "Oh my gosh!  NAOKO!" she exclaimed.  Walking into the office, the staff's mouths dropped.  "NAOKO?!"  Yup!  That's me!

To get to my old classroom requires walking through the building, so I was stopped a few times.

When I finally got to the orchestra room, I popped my head in to a darkened room.  They were watching a movie of some sort.  It took a moment to register, but I heard gasps and then, "Miss Maruko?!"  Some kids came over to say hello.  :)

I then popped my head into band, to see which of my former students were now there.  When I walked in, there was again a delayed reaction, and then, no joke, screaming.  I'm not even sure what they were screaming.  At some point it turned into the band director's name, to get his attention.  You would've thought I was a celebrity of some kind.

I walked around saying hello to staff members.  A 5th grade teacher, upon hearing where I worked, immediately downloaded one of our apps.  "This is so cool!" he exclaimed, and handed it to a student to play with.

It was thoroughly amusing to watch the adults see me, take a moment to register that they were seeing ME, and then be surprised.  I'm definitely a fan of surprising people, now.

I ended up walking out of that school with a box of chocolates, appropriately enough.

I was also told, by some adults, that I was very "artsy metropolitan".  ??  I'm not sure what that means.

I also dropped by the district office to say hello to my former boss.

"How much do you miss me?" I jokingly asked.
"How much should I miss you?" he countered.
"A lot," I said, matter-of-factly.  "Like...," I spread my arms wide, "this much."
"I do," he said, dryly.  He spread HIS arms out, "This much."

All in all, I'm glad I went to go visit my old schools.  However, I think that's it.  I feel no real need to return again.  We saw each other.  I know they're still there, they know I'm okay, and...that's really that.

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