Saturday, January 17, 2015


I got a little distracted.

And...uh...typing is hard.

However, Happy 2015 everybody!

And by "everybody" I mean...the one person who is reading this.

What has happened so far?

- I celebrated my 9 year anniversary with George (my cello).  We are very happy together.
- A stranger tried to convince me to go see Taken 3.  For 10 minutes.
- I went to the zoo!  It was awesome.
- I went to a Tape Music Festival!  Yeah, that happened.
- I saw Whiplash.  You should, too.
- "Naoko IS Meghan Trainor," said someone at work.
- I got a fancy blender and made amazing soup.  I'm so fancy.  You don't even know.
- I played Street Fighter II.  And won.