Friday, February 13, 2015

Hozier - Take Me To Church Cello Cover (OneNaoko)

That moment you write an entire blog post, and then inexplicably press "ctrl-z" and you can't undo your undo.  Or redo?


So here is yet another song I discovered through work.  Actually, I might have first heard it on tv for random commercials and show trailers.

What got me about this one was the bass moment.  "DUH DUH!   DUH DUH!"  Yeah.  Exactly like that.  The scoop also got me, which is why I transposed the song down.  However, after listening to a few live versions, Hozier actually does sometimes sing it in this key!


I just really want to hit the top of the scoop on a harmonic.  Full disclosure.  I'm keeping it real, people.  Real

I have a running list of songs I'd like to do covers of.  One day, when I have time again, I may actually make more videos more often.  One day.  One day.


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