Monday, April 20, 2015

Police Report

I filed a police report yesterday.

This time, I called the police at around noon so that they wouldn't show up at 2 in the morning while I slept again.  They arrived after 6pm.

Two guys came in; one looked like Mike from Mike & Molly (but slimmer).

Highlights included:

"'s gone." - when talking about my phone.

"The bus was full and nobody helped you??" - said in disbelief.  Nope.

"So you were on the bus, not paying attention to your surroundings..."
Seriously?  Who is alert for a 60 minute bus ride that's taken twice a day ever day??  I'd have an ulcer.  Again.

"My daughter wants to play cello...god knows why," he says with misery.  WHAT?!
"Because cello is awesome??" I respond.
"Yeah, I guess," he says halfheartedly, while looking at my cello.

Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath.

But at least I did SOMETHING, right?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mugged (a.k.a I hate my bus)

It started with waiting for the 47 on Tuesday.

I waited for 5 minutes.  It finally showed up and stopped behind another bus.  Some people got on, and the other bus left, so my bus driver put up his hand to stop the rest of us from getting in.  He closed the doors and started scooting forward...and then drove away.


Next bus: 14 minutes.

I then called a Lyft, since I was at a hotspot.

I was pickup #2, but saw the driver was going to drive past me to get to the first pickup, so I called to let her know.  Apparently, this confused her, and she decided to instead drive the opposite direction of both of us.  As I stood in confusion, watching on the map as she got farther and farther away, I wondered if I should call her again to let her know she had gone the wrong way.

Instead, she canceled my ride.


At that point, the next bus was coming in 4 minutes, so I decided to stick it out.

I got on the 47.

I like the seat by the back entrance, where you scan your clipper card.  You only have to sit next to one person, it's easy to get out of and make an exit (which is challenging on the 47), and you can tuck your feet under the seat so people don't step on you.

There's a pole for people to hold onto, a little window-like area, and then a plexiglass partition that I can rest my head against.  I like it.

I had just finished my game of scramble with friends when some man reached through that little window and aggressively grabbed my phone out of my hands.  The only problem headphones were plugged into it, so he got stuck and I got stuck.  I couldn't get up to go after him, and he was a little confused.  My first reaction was, huh?  What just happened?  Am I stuck to something?


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

UPDATE - April

I am a bad blog updater.

I'm tired, you guys.  For reals.

Some things I have done in the past month:

- I went to OC for a former co-worker's wedding.  I wore a dress that touched me.  I was uncomfortable about it.
- I went to Disneyland and ate everything.  Seriously.  Everything.
- I decided to have the bed of my dreams.  That's still a work in progress.
- I had Reese's Oreos.  They were okay.
- Saw Punch Brothers!!
- Fought with the company who replaces m-audio keyboards for Guitar Center.  They suck.  BOO!
- Saw David Bazan perform in this guy's loft in SF.  He's pretty great!
- Got stuck to a ukulele.  It happens.
- Scored the complete Avatar: the last airbender series for $10!
- Bought an exercise program from an infomercial.  I am in week 4 of Body Beast.  It's hilarious.