Sunday, July 26, 2015

Holberg Suite - Air (onenaoko)

Holberg Suite!

Every string player eventually plays this piece.  I have definitely forced more than one former class to play the Prelude (I have these vague memories of talking about galloping and coconuts.  Props to you if you get that references).

This is the Air, which is the slow and very pretty movement.

A student once said to me, "I wish my bow was this long" and spread his arms out as far as they would go.  Yeah, that's basically how I feel about this piece.  I wish my bow was ridiculously long so I could sustain a note FOREVER.  In lieu of that, I opted for a lot of staggered bowing.

I doubled up on the parts for two real reasons:
1.) Most of the parts had divisi parts
2.) I thought 10 mimicked a chamber group better than 5, and created a fuller sound

On another note, I'm looking for new video editing software that can handle multi-track videos.  My software is nice but....once all the parts are in, the video gets super choppy and I can't properly align everything toward the end.  I have both a PC and Mac, so if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

Okay.  Here it is:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My First Racial Slur

Today, someone emailed me back, after I tried to help with a problem, and said merely that I was dumb and was writing from a third world country.

I had two reactions:
1.) Eugh, just because you haven't seen my name before doesn't mean I'm writing from not-America
2.) Uh...Japan is not a third world country.

And also, this person did not write anything else in their response to me.  Not exactly giving me a lot to go on to help you out...

I wrote back asking if she had tried any of my suggestions, and what the results were.

She wrote back, saying she was from America and she knew I was writing from a third world country.  And then called me "chingy".

I gasped out loud and went, "Oh.  My.  God."

And then I laughed.

Monday, July 6, 2015

BUS STORIES - Can't a white man ever catch a break?

Going home, I took my (now) normal #2 bus home.

Since they prefer you going through the backdoor rather than the front, I walked up to the bus, held down the button to open the door, and walked into the bus.  Easy, right?

As soon as I sit down, a man starts angrily muttering.  "Oh, you open the back door now, huh?  You open it for HER?!  That's DISCRIMINATION!  I'm being discriminated against!"

I peaked over at him and furrowed my brow with confusion.  It was a 60 something year old Caucasian man.


Yeah, man.  You have it so hard.