Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My First Racial Slur

Today, someone emailed me back, after I tried to help with a problem, and said merely that I was dumb and was writing from a third world country.

I had two reactions:
1.) Eugh, just because you haven't seen my name before doesn't mean I'm writing from not-America
2.) Uh...Japan is not a third world country.

And also, this person did not write anything else in their response to me.  Not exactly giving me a lot to go on to help you out...

I wrote back asking if she had tried any of my suggestions, and what the results were.

She wrote back, saying she was from America and she knew I was writing from a third world country.  And then called me "chingy".

I gasped out loud and went, "Oh.  My.  God."

And then I laughed.

Not because racism is funny!  It's not.  But...I mean...she won at ignorance SO HARD, you guys.

1.) You think I'm Chinese, apparently.  I'm not.  So way to use the wrong racial slur.
2.) You think China is a 3rd world country.  It's not.
3.) You spelled the racial slur wrong

While it's upsetting that a person like that exists, I've just lost all credibility as a person to me.  You're just this ridiculous person who leads a ridiculous existence....where you don't seem to know anything.  You might as well just get a face tattoo that says "ignorant".

Or perhaps she thinks I'm the rapper, Chingy.  However, this would make me from Missouri; not a 3rd world country.  You know.  Unlike Japan and China.

Being called a racial slur is not awesome.  But.  If it's going to happen, it's pretty great that it's going to be such a fail as this was.

^^ my self portrait

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