Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back to Orchestra

I joined an orchestra.

It's just a local community orchestra, but it's said to be the best in SF, so that's nice.  I had to actually audition to get in, which is reassuring.

I haven't been a regular member of an orchestra since graduating college - it's something I miss.  I love being part of a group and being surrounded by sound.

Monday was the first rehearsal, and just getting there was stressful.  It involved having to get my car jumped by AAA (the guy rolled my car out into the middle of the street), and then driving into the sun with a very dirty windshield, and then spending 40 minutes looking for parking.  And then parking super far away and using my phone's GPS to get me to the rehearsal room.  Gross.

BUT I made it!

People were friendly, and said hello.  I appreciate that.

I sat next to this nice fellow, who brought music and was sweet and well prepared.  An old man winked at me, and I decided I'm pro-winking.  Yeah, sometimes it can be creepy and weird, but it's never going to be super inappropriate or offensive, right?  I'd rather you wink at me than come up to me and say something creepy and weird.  And when an old man does it, it kind of makes you feel like he's your grandpa (even though my grandpa never did this).


We're playing William Tell Overture, which starts with this huge cello solo.

- If you are not the first chair cellist, don't practice the solo at rehearsal.  Sorry, kid who was doing this, it's not directed at you specifically....I just get annoyed when anybody does this.  I used to get on my own students when they did this.  It's basically saying, "Hey, in case something happens to you, and I secretly hope it does, I'm totally ready to take your place."  That's just rude.  Come on.  Practice at home and imagine your moment of glory there.

- EGO.  Oh man, how did I forget the ego that comes along with classical musicians?  I think it's because I've been around such humble awesome people the last year.  I HATE when musicians are super insecure, and then try to compensate for that by being really patronizing and trying to act superior.  Ew.  Gross.  Stop being gross.  Don't talk down to people.  The type of person who...creates their own hype, and then buys into it...makes me want to back out of the room.  I worked with people like that - they could not work with other people because they were too insecure.  It was really unfortunate for everybody.  Fortunately, there were only a handful of these people that I could tell.  But still.  Come on.


- My stand partner just graduated college.  When he told me this, I laughed to myself and thought, you would've been in 6th grade my first year teaching.

- I only practiced the exposed cello melodies, since I've only had the music for a week.  I was sight reading everything else, and it was Bartok.  It was not pretty.  However, those few moments when it was just cellos?  Nailed it.  Yay!

- I stole snacks from work and put them in my cello cape.  I had a granola bar stashed away.  And M&Ms.

Okay, that's it.

I'm not sure when I'm going to find time to practice - I'm working 70+ hours a week between two jobs.  But.  We'll see.

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