Sunday, October 18, 2015

Producing a song

It has been a busy week.

Fun, but busy.

At work, we are producing a song, for all intensive purposes.  We took a song, spruced it up a bit, took it from a piano background to piano, drums, bass, ukulele, and cello (this is why I'm involved), recorded it, mastered it, and shot a music video for it.

Yeah, my job is super cool.

Figuring out the song was easy enough.  It's collaborative, it's interactive, everyone throws in their two cents and we reach a consensus.  While I'm sure this isn't smooth sailing for some (it really depends on who you are working with), it seemed like a pretty easy process for our group.  I basically got to make up my entire part.  This can be really stressful and unpleasant to a lot of classically trained string players - improv isn't really something that comes naturally to us.  It's probably the years and years of practicing music that needs to be a certain way.

It was an all day thing.  I felt like I was doing nothing but ended up exhausted.  We were in the recording studio for about 10 hours?  I ended up recording my part completely separate from everybody else.  Apparently, you can't really get a clean recording of a cello playing when it's in the same room as a drum set ^_^  Go figure.  So the rest of the band did take after take, I'd offer my two cents as the one person from the band sitting in the booth, and they'd go again.  And then I ate a giant sandwich.

I was assigned a persona that doesn't really match my actual persona.  I was told to bring 3 outfits that matched that persona.  That's when I realized:
1.) All my shirts have cartoons / bands on them.
2.) I don't own pants
3.) I don't own shoes that aren't boots or sneakers

I'm a adult.

I scrounged up 3 shirts that didn't have a cartoon on it.  I got my makeup done.  I was secretly hoping for a Princess Diaries moment where I emerged looking amazingly different....but really I looked exactly the same as I always do, just with nicer foundation (since I normally don't really wear any).  But the makeup lady left my eye makeup the same, so I really did look like every day Naoko.

Everyone else met at 6:30 but my part started more like 2pm.  Thank god.  I think they knew that any shot of me that early would just be me asleep.  :D  (Not really, they were really sweet and didn't want me to have to lug my cello every where.)

My part was shot in front of the ball park.  People kept walking by and looking at me :)  I smiled, politely.  I got directions, "Look up, surprised!"  Apparently, my surprised face isn't like most people's - I AM hard to really surprise.  9 years of public school teaching, and I'm pretty unwavering.

At one point, I heard my bandmate yelling the spelling of my youtube channel at a car.  Uh...what's going on??  I guess the guys in the car were asking if I was famous!  And my bandmate told them to check out my youtube channel.  That's hilarious.

ANYWAYS, I'm excited to see the final product.

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