Sunday, June 12, 2016

Oops...did I do it again?

Have I really not updated in 3 months?

Has anybody noticed?

Okay, bullet point update:

  • I played with Disturbed when they came to SF. 
  • I made an attempt to go skydiving....but it was too cloudy. So instead, my friends and I drove around Monterey and went to open houses.
  • I played an Il Volo show.
  • I finally came out with a new youtube video! The Hills by The Weeknd 
  • I broke up with Comcast and am now seeing Roku and SlingTV
  • Went to the SF How Weird Street Faire - I high fived Jesus.
  • I finished P90x. Never have to exercise again, right?
  • SAW YO-YO MA! He did not return my tweets. I still like him.
  • Had an awful Uber ride that resulted in uber calling me and apologizing. I have not used them since, however.
  • Shot a music video for work and spent a day in the studio. :)
  • Had my final orchestra concert of the season. SHOSTAKOVICH 10! Also, here is Beyonce dancing a movement:
  • I chopped off a bunch of my hair (and brought the blue up).  So far, I'm quite enjoying it.
  • I saw Apocalyptica!  It was loud ^_^  And I got pushed by a very large man trying to start a mosh pit.
  • I caught up with two former students, both of whom are about to or just graduated high school! It's kind of adorable when former students, who are now adults, want to hang out. I forced them both to eat ice cream from Humphrey Slocombe.
  • I said good-bye to one of my favorite people at work :(

I guess that's it?

I suppose I do a slightly better job at updating on twitter and instagram.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sick =P

I was last sick the day after Thanksgiving in 2011.  (I remember, because I initially thought it was the effects of having eaten 7 pounds of food....but actually, I had the flu.)

Much like everything else I do, when I get sick, I go all in.  I have a 104+ temperature (though I've never hit 105 because...death) and I'm usually down for at least 5 days.

Having said that, when teaching, I usually still went to school in this condition.  Why?  Because nobody wants to be a substitute for someone who has 500 students and has to commute between schools and hit 5 grade levels.

Well, this week, I got sick.  In fact, I got sick somewhere between 9:00 - 10:00PM on Monday, at rehearsal.  We had break, I was fine.  By the end, I felt sick.  I immediately took Cold Eeze because THAT STUFF WILL SAVE YOU.  Seriously.  I've tried it all (mostly during my teaching years).  Airborne doesn't help, vitamin C, none of it.  I'm telling you right now, COLD EEZE.  Immediately.

Despite that, I woke up on Tuesday and went, "Oh man, I feel awful."  I had a temperature a little over 100, which is still relatively low for me.  "I can do it, I can go to work.  I can go to work even though I feel awful."  I spent so many years just rallying and forcing my body to deal that that was my automatic response.

I then stopped and went, "Wait...I don't have to go to work.  In fact, I don't even have to work....after I do releases."  It was mind blowing.  I was sick...and...I could just stay home and rest??


Sometimes, I am so grateful for small things that it is actually sad.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Update!

Thank goodness, 2016.  

Here is what I have been up to since last updating.

1.) I played with the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  It rained ash on me.  I smelled a little BBQ-y afterward.

2.) After stalking it for months, I bought a new cello case!  (The last one was bought in 2000?)  It's 6.4 pounds and bright orange.  I waited until the Cyber Monday sale and then bought it from Guitar Center.  

3.) I dyed my hair blue.  Well.  In phases.  It has now been bleached multiple times and I have an ombre black to blue happening.  In the sun, it's glorious.  Inside my office you can't tell my hair is blue at all and the whole thing still looks black.  It's really funny to be with someone and go FROM indoors to outdoors and have them go, "Wait...your hair is blue!"

4.) I found childhood pictures of me.  I was adorable.