Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sick =P

I was last sick the day after Thanksgiving in 2011.  (I remember, because I initially thought it was the effects of having eaten 7 pounds of food....but actually, I had the flu.)

Much like everything else I do, when I get sick, I go all in.  I have a 104+ temperature (though I've never hit 105 because...death) and I'm usually down for at least 5 days.

Having said that, when teaching, I usually still went to school in this condition.  Why?  Because nobody wants to be a substitute for someone who has 500 students and has to commute between schools and hit 5 grade levels.

Well, this week, I got sick.  In fact, I got sick somewhere between 9:00 - 10:00PM on Monday, at rehearsal.  We had break, I was fine.  By the end, I felt sick.  I immediately took Cold Eeze because THAT STUFF WILL SAVE YOU.  Seriously.  I've tried it all (mostly during my teaching years).  Airborne doesn't help, vitamin C, none of it.  I'm telling you right now, COLD EEZE.  Immediately.

Despite that, I woke up on Tuesday and went, "Oh man, I feel awful."  I had a temperature a little over 100, which is still relatively low for me.  "I can do it, I can go to work.  I can go to work even though I feel awful."  I spent so many years just rallying and forcing my body to deal that that was my automatic response.

I then stopped and went, "Wait...I don't have to go to work.  In fact, I don't even have to work....after I do releases."  It was mind blowing.  I was sick...and...I could just stay home and rest??


Sometimes, I am so grateful for small things that it is actually sad.

I have a new responsibility at work, where I am one of two people who releases our content in our app every day.  So I kind of have to do that.  You know, so there's stuff there.  :)  I tried to do a little work from home until I checked my temperature again and it was over 102.


Going to bed.

It was liberating.

Just last week, I was thinking about how I don't lazily stay in bed all day.  I feel guilty.  I should be out doing something with my life, darn it!  Or at the very least, I should be making plans to go do something with my life, right?  I thought to myself, I probably can't just lie in bed all day unless I get sick.

Why do I jinx myself like that?

Oh well, I'm on the mend.

I eat horribly when I get sick.  It's when goldfish crackers come into my life.  I want juice and sandwiches (I normally don't eat bread in every day life because it makes me feel unwell).  I eat that awful crappy Campbell's chicken noodle soup, with double noodles, because that's what you eat when you're sick!

Also, since this the first time I've been sick in San Francisco...I used Instacart to get food delivered to me!  Granted, going to the grocery store is so much more draining in a city - it involves walking up hills and carrying things up hills.  I used grubhub to bring me sandwiches - they were actually pretty not awesome.  Grubhub was an hour late and made me go downstairs to get my food.  I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but when I'm sick and I'm worried about my ability to walk to my front door....going OUT my front door and downstairs just sucks.

My temperature ended up spiking at 103+, but has since come down.

I'm now hovering in the 99s trying to regain my health by Monday.


  1. Uh-oh -- I guess this is a bad time to wish for more Youtube covers, eh? Hope you are feeling better. Oddly, I am sick for the first time since 2011 myself, and am letting me vegetate for a couple of days without working, after killing myself for months to get a major system in on time for a new client. It's an amazing feeling, not working. Very serene. I do have the benefit of an amazing wife who has wonderfully shopped for, prepared, and delivered food to me while I have been too ill to participate in such activities. Anyway, we both long for your next cello piece online, and hope you are feeling better!

    1. Aw, thanks! I DO have plans, but what I lack is...time :)