Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I'm still alive!

I was going to start this by saying I got my second tattoo today, but then realized I never mentioned my first tattoo, back in February.

My first tattoo is Japanese characters spelling out Tomiko, my maternal grandmother's name.  She was the first relative who not only was amused by my oddball antics, but actually encouraged me.  Everyone needs someone rooting for them, who is rooting for their true authentic self, right?

My second tattoo is the alchemy symbol for copper, which represents balance, artistic creativity, love, and beauty.  It also looks pleasantly balanced and symmetrical, which I love.

What else?

My work wife, Hana, the other half of Hanaoko, left.  It was a sad, sad day, but I'm glad she did what was right for her.

I got Scrum Certified: I am now a Scrum Master.

I made a secret new cello video that I can't show anybody yet, because it was for our company's hackathon - maybe in a couple weeks!

I played a gig with the 2cellos!

They're legit, you guys!  It was also fascinating watching someone play in thumb position on an electric cello while sitting behind them!  I could see the palm of his hand; a vantage point I've never had before.

Other than that, it has been a lot of work.  A LOT of work.  I mean...not "being a teacher" amount of work, but still....a lot.

BUT, I am finally taking a vacation, come the end of August!  Hooray!  By then, it will have been one year since taking time off, and so I'm really looking forward to relaxing.  I have plans to go to Pismo Beach and be a lazy bum for a few days.  Eat.  Drink.  Sleep.  Read.  Listen to music.  Do some writing.  Eat.  Sleep.  Go for a walk.  You get the idea.


That reminds me, I read a book: The Book Of Joy.  I was inspired to pick this up after watching the Dalai Lama on John Oliver, and remembering how much I like him.  He makes me feel happier by just being around him!  Just reading the book made me feel calmer, happier, and helped me feel peaceful and cheerful - even more than normal!  Two thumbs up!  Highly recommended.  Three thumbs up.  Four?  ALL the thumbs.

I am currently looking for new book recommendations, though in the meantime I am reading the entire Harry Potter series over again.

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